Why are your students going to love being part of this new way of learning?
What are the benefits for the student?




Practice foreign language with native speakers

  • Conversation:
    Connect your students and have the opportunity to talk directly with students from various countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and many others through video conferencing.
  • Collaborative Projects:
    Your students will be able to develop & nbsp; educational projects with students from other countries and exercise skills such as writing and receiving letters and postcards from other classes, sending and receiving videos, and more.
  • Participation in international projects:
    Find out from contacts with foreign classes of opportunities to include your students in educational projects such as: World Earth Day celebration, global conferences and other projects your class may be invited to attend.

  • Citizens of the world:
    your students will have the opportunity to get to know different cultures, habits, territories, food, government system and diversity that will have access when initiating contact with the most diverse cultures and countries.
  • World stocks:
    What about creating projects together with partners around the world to think, discuss and find solutions on a wide range of topics such as violence, prejudice, environmental conservation, racism, world peace, migration, poverty, education and corruption?
  • Opinion formers:
    What can Brazilian students do to teach about our country? What about making your opinion-forming students, transforming the vision that foreigners have of our country and show the world that Brazil is much more than the country of Carnival and football?
  • Analysis of your own environment:
    when asked by foreign students about various topics such as culture, habits, relief, geography, fauna, etc., their students should think their own way to teach and inform.

Technology applied to education gives us new forms of learning, and is certainly the guiding principle of all knowledge acquisition in this century. Right now thousands of people are using the internet in a positive way to change their lives, we use technology to connect students with the world. More and more schools are making use of new teaching tools and Connect Students is the ideal and safe environment for their students to use and abuse new technologies.

  • Learning new technology tools:
    Your students do not leave the cell phone and love a selfie, but can they record and edit a video, make a slide, create a banner or even share files? On the platform he will have the opportunity to learn, create and execute educational projects, developing skills in using virtual tools and new technologies.
  • Safety:
    Students who already use various social media, post photos, publish stories, exchange messages and do all of this and have contact with students from all over the world in a safe and educational environment with the supervision of their teacher and those responsible. the school / teacher can pass the student's login and password so that they follow closely.

  • Multiple learning
    In addition to foreign language, students learn world culture, geography, history, political system, social from other countries.
  • Targeted search:
    the teacher can take advantage of the various contacts to direct research of some topic that is working in the classroom, asking questions directly to students from other states or countries and collecting information for any subjects in the form of videos, emails, surveys, etc;
  • Different levels of collaboration according to age and fluency level of foreign language:
    children or adolescents? everyone can participate because the teacher will choose the appropriate classes to connect and collaborate with their class, being of the same age, level of foreign language or even make the connection at the national level.


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